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Аудіокнига A Lincoln Conscript

Homer Greene - A Lincoln Conscript

A heartwarming novel which visits the last two years of the American Civil War. The center of the story is the conflict of emotions and deeds between a father and son who hold opposing views of the conflict and the surprising role that President Lincoln plays in wishing to reconc...
Аудіокнига The Scotch Twins

Lucy Fitch Perkins - The Scotch Twins

Jean and Jock are twelve years old when they hear news that could change their lives forever. Will they really have to leave their "little gray house on the brae" - maybe even leave their homeland of Scotland? At least they have one more summer at home to enjoy life with their sh...
Аудіокнига By Pike and Dyke

G. A. Henty - By Pike and Dyke

It is the 1570's, and the people of the Netherlands live in terror under the cruel dominion of Spain. Though many long to be free of Spanish tyranny, efforts at rebellion are failing, and allies are nowhere to be found. Edward “Ned” Martin, son of an English captain and a Dutch l...