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Аудіокнига The Hunchback

James Sheridan Knowles - The Hunchback

In this romantic Victorian melodrama, the main characters must learn to see through the deceptive fronts that other present in order to discover their heart’s true desires. Dramatic reversals of fortune prevent Julia, a young lady from the country and her guardian, the embittered...
Аудіокнига A Mummer's Wife

George Moore - A Mummer's Wife

Kate is a dress maker in the north of England who always did what was decided for her: serving those who come her way, marrying a man who is considered suitable, and living all her life "over the hills" she wants so desperately to cross. Until she decides her life are not enough ...
Аудіокнига Thyrza

George Gissing - Thyrza

Thyrza is a working class woman. Three men are in love with her. Even though she is engaged to a man of her class, who is very kind, she falls in love with a rich Oxford student who has no idea what to do with his life. The man, in turn, falls in love with her in return, but the ...
Аудіокнига Cousin Maude

Mary Jane HOLMES - Cousin Maude

When Matilda's husband James dies, she marries rich Dr. Kennedy thinking he will provide a good home for her daughter Maude. However, the doctor is a miser and assumes that Matty will be his housekeeper. They have a little boy who is crippled and the doctor ignores him. Maude is...
Аудіокнига Digger Smith

C. J. Dennis - Digger Smith

“Digger Smith” is a series of narrative poems about an Australian soldier coming home in the closing months of the Great War minus a leg and with “ANZAC eyes” ... what a later war would call “The Thousand Yard Stare”. Despite his post-traumatic stress disorder, Digger Smith...