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Аудіокнига The Inimitable Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse - The Inimitable Jeeves

When either Bertie Wooster or his friends found themselves in the soup or in dangerous proximity to the tureen, the instinct of one and all was to turn to Jeeves - Bertie's Man. He understood human nature, especially that of gilded youth.It did not matter if the hope ...
Аудіокнига Shorty McCabe

Sewell FORD - Shorty McCabe

Yes, it's been a couple of years since I quit the ring. . . . I slid into a quiet corner for a month or so, and then I dropped into the only thing I knew how to do, trainin' comers to go against the champs. It ain't like pullin' down your sixty per cent of the gate receipts, but ...