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Аудіокнига The Long, Long Trail

Max Brand - The Long, Long Trail

A willful flirtatious girl; a morose family; a dark, mysterious, and (to some) alluring man; lots of horses, guns, honor, love, courage, and treachery in this 1921 pulp western. Max Brand was known for going well beyond the formulaic western. The Long Long Trail is an excellent e...
Аудіокнига Six Feet Four

Jackson GREGORY - Six Feet Four

A hotel is robbed one night, and a cowboy makes his getaway with but few witnesses. When a young woman is also robbed, suspicion falls on one particular man who matches the description of the former thief. The robber is without a doubt a tall man; six feet four inches tall....
Аудіокнига Lin McLean

Owen Wister - Lin McLean

Lin McLean is an unaffected, attractive young cowboy in the Wyoming territory before statehood. This book is various stories in his life. (Summary by David Wales) ...
Аудіокнига Bull Hunter

Max Brand - Bull Hunter

Bull Hunter was a man who could rip a tree trunk from the ground with his bare hands or tame the wildest stallion with his kind manner. But Pete Reeve didn't have the reputation of a dead shot because he relied on his common sense. Then Bull and Pete crossed paths, and townsfolk ...