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Аудіокнига 'Twixt Land and Sea

Joseph Conrad - 'Twixt Land and Sea

While the central figures in each of the three stories in this collection are sailing captains, the main action in two of them takes place on land, albeit in sight of the sea. In "A Smile of Fortune", a naive young sea captain falls into grave moral peril when he locks horns with...
Аудіокнига Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 096

Various - Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 096

"Can we solve the problems confronting us? Well, the answer is an unequivocal and emphatic yes." This quote, from U.S. President Ronald Reagan's first inaugural address, captures the searching tone of many reader-chosen selections in vol. 096: The Peace Movement; Fortifications f...

It is increasingly difficult to carve out a few free hours to enjoy reading a good book. But listening to courses of educational literature, self-development, learning about healthy lifestyles, good nutrition, parenting, learning about the achievements of science and technology, or getting acquainted with new works of fiction is no longer difficult. With the advent and spread of audio books, it became possible to combine your favorite activity with everyday life. So, morning workout, a jog in the park or jogging trail will be more interesting if you combine it with listening to an interesting book.

A chore around the house, so necessary, but monotonous will cease to seem humdrum if, doing it empathizes with the characters of an exciting story.

There is free time and nice weather - you don't have to deny yourself a walk in the fresh air. It does not matter if you just want to sit on a bench in the nearby park or go skiing out of town, headphones will not prevent you from active recreation.

Audio books have become indispensable for travel. Waiting at bus stops, train stations and stations, the long road in public transport or in traffic jams at the wheel of your own car takes away hours of our lives. And you do not want to waste your time on journeys to work or rest. But even this time can be used to its advantage. shyness will cease to annoy, and the time on the road will fly by unnoticed, when you listen to an interesting story.

Any child loves to listen to a story before going to bed. But parents do not have to read it on their own. Fatigue, a sore throat and other reasons encourage them to cut back or cancel this activity, and as a result, upset the kid. To the rescue comes the joint listening to a book at night. And in order to disconnect from the problems and worries, rest and relax after a busy day there is nothing better than a fragrant bath, a cup of good tea and, of course, a good book. If tired eyes or back do not allow to enjoy the process of reading, audio version of the literary work will give the opportunity to enjoy it even with his eyes closed, comfortably ensconced in bed, before going to sleep. The important advantage of audio books is that you can download them, not only on your PC or laptop, but even on your phone. And it means to listen at any time, in any place. Listening to books online allows you to save space on your device, but not to lose audio quality.

This allows you to combine new knowledge, impressions and emotions, which gives reading with the most active way of life. Which is very relevant these days. Listen to books online at, and we will try to spoil you always with new sounds of new books and classical literature.

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