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Аудіокнига Oysters and Fish

Thomas J. MURREY - Oysters and Fish

Would it not be beneficial, were the average American to substitute fish for the everlasting steak and chop of the breakfast-table?For the sake of variety, if for no other reason, we should eat more fish; and it need not always be fried or broiled. A well-made fish stew ...
Аудіокнига The Ideal Bartender

Tom BULLOCK - The Ideal Bartender

The book was written by Tom Bullock, a well-known bartender at the St. Louis Country Club. His skills as a bartender were so remarkable that a libel suit hinged on the excellence of his drinks. In The Ideal Bartender, Tom collects some of his best known beverage recipes.
Аудіокнига A Poetical Cook-Book

Maria J. MOSS - A Poetical Cook-Book

This is an interesting mix of recipes and poetry about cookery and food. The author has written this book during and in the aftermath of the civil war in the United States. The recipes are sound and can be used still today, and the poetry is an interesting collection of short exc...
Аудіокнига Pantropheon

Alexis SOYER - Pantropheon

Soyer was a 'celebrity chef', devising innovations such as water-cooled refrigerators and adjustable temperature ovens. He developed many popular recipes and catered for 2000 guests at Queen Victoria's coronation celebration. He had a social conscience and donated a penny for eve...
Аудіокнига Rhymed Receipts for Any Occasion

Imogen CLARK - Rhymed Receipts for Any Occasion

In addition to being amusing, recipes written in a poetic form were easy to remember and used as learning tools for the young housekeeper. Many of the poems in this 1912 publication were originally published in Woman's Home Companion, Good Housekeeping Magazine, the Housewife, Ta...
Аудіокнига Six Cups of Coffee

Various - Six Cups of Coffee

It is not much to say that nine-tenths of that decoction which passes under the name of coffee, is unworthy to be so called, and that many persons live and die without ever tasting a really good cup of that delicious beverage.As a nation, the American people want the bes...