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Аудіокнига Oysters and Fish

Thomas J. MURREY - Oysters and Fish

Would it not be beneficial, were the average American to substitute fish for the everlasting steak and chop of the breakfast-table?For the sake of variety, if for no other reason, we should eat more fish; and it need not always be fried or broiled. A well-made fish stew ...
Аудіокнига A Treatise on Foreign Teas

Hugh SMITH - A Treatise on Foreign Teas

What would England be without tea? It is difficult to imagine, but there was a time in which tea was not quite as ubiquitous in Europe as it is today. This 1780 treatise contains some interesting observations on how tea was prepared at the time, and what the benefits of tea were ...
Аудіокнига The Ideal Bartender

Tom BULLOCK - The Ideal Bartender

The book was written by Tom Bullock, a well-known bartender at the St. Louis Country Club. His skills as a bartender were so remarkable that a libel suit hinged on the excellence of his drinks. In The Ideal Bartender, Tom collects some of his best known beverage recipes.