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Аудіокнига Our Western Birds

Elizabeth Grinnell - Our Western Birds

This mother and son team, each distinguished in their field, collaborate to give charming portraits of common birds of the western United States from the western robin and cedar waxwing to the crow and roadrunner. The book is written in a plain and accessible style designed to s...
Аудіокнига Dragons of the Air

Harry Seeley - Dragons of the Air

Sir Richard Owen coined the term "dinosaur" ("Terrible Reptile" or "Fearfully Great Reptile") in the 19th century. When Harry G. Seeley, a student of law at that time, attended a lecture on flying reptiles, his interest in paleontology was piqued, and he pursued paleontology for ...
Аудіокнига On The Seashore

R. Cadwallader SMITH - On The Seashore

This gifted nature writer who is so good at describing animals and their habitat and habits here gives us a look at many of the fascinating creatures that can be found on the seashore. Starfish, the many types of crabs, shrimp, sea weed and finally something called the Precious W...
Аудіокнига The American Book of the Dog

Various - The American Book of the Dog

Here is a period piece, covering 47 breeds, about the early days of dog breeding, the birth of the American Kennel Club (1884) which firmly established breed standards, and the development of bench shows and field trials. Each article, written by a premier breed expert of the day...
Аудіокнига Ways of Wood Folk

William J. Long - Ways of Wood Folk

Late nineteenth-century naturalist William J. Long invites us in to the secret worlds of the woodland animals. Containing Long's own animal observations along with stories related to him by other humans who inhabit the woods, these stories give us an insight into the behavior of ...
Аудіокнига Life Among the Butterflies

Vance Randolph - Life Among the Butterflies

Vance Rudolph's informative work about butterflies includes a summary of current (for publication) butterfly literature, butterfly body structure, life cycle, and egg laying process, as well as their classification and survival strategies. - Summary by Tatiana Chichilla...