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Аудіокнига Animals of the Past

Frederic LUCAS - Animals of the Past

Prior to the emergence of paleontology and comparative anatomy as scientific disciplines at the end of the 18th century, it was generally known that there were species of animals that had disappeared completely. The term "extinction" originally applied to the extinguishing of fir...
Аудіокнига Wilderness Ways

William J. Long - Wilderness Ways

Late nineteenth-century naturalist William J. Long invites us into the secret worlds of woodland animals in this, his second, fascinating book. Long's stories of the secret lives of woodland animals come from time he spent in the woods, observing the behaviors and characteristics...
Аудіокнига Our Western Birds

Elizabeth Grinnell - Our Western Birds

This mother and son team, each distinguished in their field, collaborate to give charming portraits of common birds of the western United States from the western robin and cedar waxwing to the crow and roadrunner. The book is written in a plain and accessible style designed to s...
Аудіокнига American Big-Game Hunting

Undefined - American Big-Game Hunting

The first book published by The Boone and Crockett Club founded by Theodore Roosevelt and George Grinnell, who declared in their Editors Note: "Hunting big game in the wilderness is, above all things, a sport for a vigorous and masterful people. The rifle-bearing hunter, whether ...
Аудіокнига The American Book of the Dog

Various - The American Book of the Dog

Here is a period piece, covering 47 breeds, about the early days of dog breeding, the birth of the American Kennel Club (1884) which firmly established breed standards, and the development of bench shows and field trials. Each article, written by a premier breed expert of the day...
Аудіокнига Northern Trails, Book 2

William J. Long - Northern Trails, Book 2

The reader who follows these trails will find them leading into a new country, a land of space and silence where it is good to be, away up among the mountains and woods and salmon rivers and mossy barren grounds of Labrador and Newfoundland." Indeed, reading Long's keen observati...