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Аудіокнига Why Crime Does Not Pay

Sophie Lyons - Why Crime Does Not Pay

The publishers believe that a picture of a life sketched by a master hand-somebody who stands in the world of crime as Edison does in his field or Morgan and Rockefeller do in theirs-could not fail to be impressive and valuable and prove the oft repeated statement that crime does...
Аудіокнига Steep Trails

John Muir - Steep Trails

A collection of Muir's previously unpublished essays, released shortly after his death. "This volume will meet, in every way, the high expectations of Muir's readers. The recital of his experiences during a stormy night on the summit of Mount Shasta will take rank among the mo...
Аудіокнига A Journal from Japan

Marie STOPES - A Journal from Japan

Marie Stopes was a highly controversial scientist and activist in her era, campaigning for radical new views of love-based marriage, birth control, and women’s rights. As a scientist, she was a renowned palaeobotanist, specializing in issues concerning coal; these scientific purs...
Аудіокнига My Trip Abroad

Charlie CHAPLIN - My Trip Abroad

"A steak and kidney pie, influenza and a cablegram. There is the triple alliance that is responsible for the whole thing."So begins Charlie Chaplin's My Trip Abroad, a travel memoir charting the actor-director's semi-spontaneous visit to Europe. Fresh off the success of 19...
Аудіокнига My Reminiscences

Rabindranath Tagore - My Reminiscences

These Reminiscences were written and published by the Author in his fiftieth year, shortly before he started on a trip to Europe and America for his failing health in 1912. It was in the course of this trip that he wrote for the first time in the English language for publicati...
Аудіокнига The Story of Cole Younger, by Himself

Cole YOUNGER - The Story of Cole Younger, by Himself

Autobiography of Cole Younger, American Civil War veteran and member of the Jesse James gang. Cole Younger was a member of Quantrill's Raiders during the Civil War and along with his brother, Jim Younger and the James brothers, robbed banks and trains during the 1870's. (Summary ...