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Аудіокнига Make Mine Homogenized (Version 2)

Rick Raphael - Make Mine Homogenized (Version 2)

Just sixty miles from ground zero in Nevada there lies Circle T Ranch run by Hetty Thompson the owner, Barney Hatfield the farmhand, and Johnny Culpepper the assistant manager. It was just another ordinary ranch until, that is, the two cows and the rooster hit the nuclear jackpot...
Аудіокнига Man of Many Minds

Edward Everett EVANS - Man of Many Minds

GALAXY IN DANGER! Somewhere, somehow, the first moves have been made—the pattern is beginning to emerge. Someone—or something—is on the way to supreme power over all the planets held by Man. And the Inter-stellar Corps is helpless to meet the threat—no normal man can ho...
Аудіокнига The Moon Metal

Garrett P. Serviss - The Moon Metal

Garrett Putnam Serviss (1851-1929) was an astronomer, popularizer of astronomy, and early science fiction writer. Serviss showed a talent for explaining scientific details in a way that made them clear to the ordinary reader. Serviss's favorite topic was astronomy, as shown by...