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Аудіокнига Sir Nigel

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Sir Nigel

By 1348 the House of Loring has fallen on hard times. Together, the Black Death and the greedy monks of Waverley have bled away all of the Loring wealth. Even the manor house will have to go to pay their debts.Then a chance encounter with the King of England provides Nigel, the l...
Аудіокнига War and Peace, Book 03: 1805

Leo Tolstoy - War and Peace, Book 03: 1805

War and Peace (Russian: Война и мир, Voyna i mir; in original orthography: Война и миръ, Voyna i mir") is an epic novel by Leo Tolstoy, first published from 1865 to 1869 in Russki Vestnik, which tells the story of Russian society during the Napoleonic Era. It is usually described...
Аудіокнига The Pioneers

Katharine S. PRICHARD - The Pioneers

The Pioneers is set against the background of pioneering life in the Gippsland region of Victoria in pre-Federation Australia. Mary and Donald Cameron are free-settlers who make a home in the wilderness and grow a prosperous cattle operation that establishes their position as pro...
Аудіокнига The Thread of Flame

Basil KING - The Thread of Flame

Edward wakes up on board a ship crossing the Atlantic, on his return from the Great War – however, he finds that his memory of who he is and where he comes from is only fragmentary.The book follows his fascinating journey back to health and his growing realisation about what effe...
Аудіокнига Carmen

Prosper MÉRIMÉE - Carmen

On a trip to Spain in 1830, our narrator recounts his encounters with two strange characters: a thief named Don José Navarro and a beautiful Romani woman named Carmen...little does he know that soon, these two will be entangled in a tumultuous love affair that spells out tragedy ...
Аудіокнига Anna Karenina, Book 5

Leo Tolstoy - Anna Karenina, Book 5

Anna Karenina tells of the doomed love affair between the sensuous and rebellious Anna and the dashing officer, Count Vronsky. Tragedy unfolds as Anna rejects her passionless marriage to follow her heart and must endure the hypocrisies of society. (Summary by Mary Anderson)...