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Аудіокнига The Book of Cats

Charles Henry ROSS - The Book of Cats

One day, ever so long ago, it struck me that I should like to try and write a book about Cats. I mentioned the idea to some of my friends: the first burst out laughing at the end of my opening sentence, so I refrained from entering into further details. The second said there were...
Аудіокнига Mappo, the Merry Monkey

Richard Barnum - Mappo, the Merry Monkey

Mappo lived in a tree in the jungle with his family. He is the oldest of his siblings, and very smart, which would explain why he has so many adventures! But Mappo finds himself on a very long adventure, bringing him to a new land, new friends and even more adventures!...
Аудіокнига Tommy Smith's Animals

Edmund Selous - Tommy Smith's Animals

Tommy Smith is a wicked little boy, who would harm animals for sport. He would catch them if he could, throw stones if he could not, and generally disturb all animals around him. He became such a nuissance to everyone at last that the animals hold a meeting to discuss what to do....
Аудіокнига Toto, the Bustling Beaver

Richard Barnum - Toto, the Bustling Beaver

Toto is the littlest beaver in his family and in the pond. He has much to experience and learn as he experiences the world and has adventures. A fun children's story that has many animals all chipping in to make life interesting for the newest beaver. - Summary by phil chenev...