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Аудіокнига Billy Mink

Thornton W. Burgess - Billy Mink

“The stranger and the unknown must be always looked on with distrust.” --  Billy Mink The Green Forest and the Smiling Pool are full of adventure for Billy Mink and his animal friends – Bobby Coon, Jerry Muskrat, Juniper Hare and the others. But, danger lurks with a plot from...
Аудіокнига Happy Jack

Thornton W. Burgess - Happy Jack

Who would have thought dropping a nut would cause so much trouble? No sooner does Happy Jack the Gray Squirrel go scampering down the tree than he finds himself in trouble with Chatterer, the Red Squirrel -- and then running for dear life -- away from Shadow the Weasel!Thornton B...
Аудіокнига Little Joe Otter

Thornton W. Burgess - Little Joe Otter

“Folks aren’t so sure about you when You spring surprises now and then.”  Little Joe Otter.Join Little Joe Otter and Peter Rabbit in their adventures that include encounters with Farmer Brown and a treacherous trapper. This is the second of the "Smiling Pool Seri...