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Аудіокнига Nature (version 2)

Ralph Waldo Emerson - Nature (version 2)

First published anonymously in 1836, Nature marks the beginning both of Emerson’s literary career and the Transcendentalist movement. Asking why his generation “should not also enjoy an original relation to the universe,” Emerson argues that “Man is a god in ruins” who might yet ...
Аудіокнига On Anything

Hilaire Belloc - On Anything

Long before I knew that the speech of men was misused by them and that they lied in the hearing of the gods perpetually, in those early days through which all men have passed, during which one believes what one is told, an old and crusty woman of great wealth, to whom I was descr...
Аудіокнига Elia; and The Last Essays of Elia

Charles Lamb - Elia; and The Last Essays of Elia

Elia and The Last Essays of Elia are two collections of essays written by Charles Lamb. The essays first began appearing in The London Magazine in 1820 and continued to 1825. They were very popular and were printed in many subsequent editions throughout the nineteen...
Аудіокнига Oxford Book of American Essays

Various - Oxford Book of American Essays

Collection of 32 essays by American authors ranging from Benjamin Frannklin to Emerson to Whitman to Henry James to Theodore Roosevelt. On subjects from the gout to insects with a 24 hour life span to old bachelors to leaves of grass to the odes of Horace. It seems to be an attem...