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Аудіокнига A Year With the Saints

Anonymous - A Year With the Saints

Go through the year in the footsteps of the saints. This book emphasizes one virtue for each month with quotes and stories from the lives of the saints to help teach and inspire that particular virtue in us.For January, Perfection; February, Humility; March, Mortificatio...
Аудіокнига The Creeds of Christendom

Various - The Creeds of Christendom

This is based on Philip Schaff's Creeds of Christendom taking only the creeds that he selected, using the translations he supplied where possible but rearranged chronologically (using the dates he supplied) but excluding his commenta...
Аудіокнига Theologia Germanica

Anonymous - Theologia Germanica

This short, anonymous work is thought to have been written in the 1300s by a member of the lay-religious group called ‘The Friends of God.’ Its central teaching is that humans can become one with God by living a holy, selfless life in which our will is subsumed into God’s, of whi...