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Аудіокнига In the School Room

John S. HART - In the School Room

In the first place, teaching is not simply telling. A class may be told a thing twenty times over, and yet not know it. Talking to a class is not necessarily teaching. I have known many teachers who were brimful of information, and were good talkers, and who discoursed to their c...
Аудіокнига Wings and the Child

E. Nesbit - Wings and the Child

"When this book first came to my mind it came as a history and theory of the building of Magic Cities on tables, with bricks and toys and little things such as a child may find and use. But as I kept the thought by me it grew and changed, as thoughts will do, until at last it too...
Аудіокнига The Boise Survey

Jesse Brundage Sears - The Boise Survey

A complete survey of the Independent Boise School District, Boise, Idaho was conducted over two weeks, with the purpose to study and observe the schools in operation, including the systems of financing and filing educational records. Facts are presented alongside conclusions and ...