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Аудіокнига Psychotherapy

Hugo MÜNSTERBERG - Psychotherapy

Talking about viewing the Ocean "If I take the attitude of appreciation, it would be absurd to say that this wave is composed of chemical elements which I do not see; and if I take the attitude of physical explanation, it would be equally absurd to deny that such elements ...
Аудіокнига American Psychology, 1922-1947

Various - American Psychology, 1922-1947

This is the second of what is intended to be three projects featuring journal articles which chart the development of psychology as an academic discipline in the United States during the twentieth century. This collection includes key texts in the development of behaviourism, neu...
Аудіокнига Anticipations

H. G. Wells - Anticipations

Wells considered this book one of his most important, a natural follow-up to such works as his Man of the Year Million and The Time Machine. His goal was to get people to think and act in new ways. The book starts with a look at how humans get along socially and how they carry ou...