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Аудіокнига Natalie Page

Katharine Haviland Taylor - Natalie Page

Natalie Page is coming to visit her aunt and uncle in New York. Of course they want her around, but every social engagement is more important, even when she is ill. So Natalie starts to focus on small mysteries like her stolen bracelet, and observe the people around her. She writ...
Аудіокнига In the Garden of Delight

Lily Hammond - In the Garden of Delight

This novel is narrated in the first person and revolves around a character named Lil (somewhat autobiographical of the author) and the dynamics of a colorful cast of family members. She loves nature and, especially, birds, and thus the title. The story is set in Tennessee. The ...
Аудіокнига Mildred and Elsie

Martha Finley - Mildred and Elsie

Mildred returns home from visiting her mother's relatives. She continues to grow in wisdom and beauty and receives many proposals of marriage. She is an ever-increasing blessing to her family and community. In-laws are added to the family, and they enjoy a visit from Horace Dinsm...
Аудіокнига The Homesteader

Oscar Micheaux - The Homesteader

The Homesteader is a semi-autobiographic novel about Jean Baptiste, an African-American homesteader in the Dakotas. He meets Agnes who he falls in love with, however as Agnes is presumed to be white, he is not allowed to marry her, so instead he marries the daughter of a black pr...
Аудіокнига Virginia

Ellen Glasgow - Virginia

Virginia does everything right: she attends a finishing school, marries the first man who proposes, and devotes her life to her husband and children. But what happens when each one of them has a life outside the home in which she has no room? - Summary by Stav Nisser....