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Аудіокнига One Commonplace Day

Pansy - One Commonplace Day

A temperance lecturer misses his train and ends up attending a town picnic. It was a common enough picnic on a commonplace day. But the discussions, actions, and attitudes from that picnic reverberate through the lives of many people. What are the far-reaching consequences of one...
Аудіокнига Virginia

Ellen Glasgow - Virginia

Virginia does everything right: she attends a finishing school, marries the first man who proposes, and devotes her life to her husband and children. But what happens when each one of them has a life outside the home in which she has no room? - Summary by Stav Nisser....
Аудіокнига Leave it to Doris

Ethel Hueston - Leave it to Doris

The Reverend Mr. Artman is a widower of three years and is worried he might not be able to escape the clutches of Miss Carlton, his housekeeper, much longer. Luckily, if he dismisses her from his employ, he has Doris and three other daughters to run his household....
Аудіокнига The Misses Mallett

E. H. Young - The Misses Mallett

The arrival of the eligible Francis Sales disturbs the calm existence of the four Misses Mallett in this social satire. Three women love him--will one of them be his wife? - Summary by Anne Erickson...
Аудіокнига Judge Burnham's Daughters

Pansy - Judge Burnham's Daughters

Fifth in the Chautauqua Girls series. Ruth Erskine Burnham has helped raise her husband's two daughters, but all have rejected her faith and values. The constant pressure to compromise has weakened her walk and made her life miserable. Her one comfort is her sickly 5 year old ...
Аудіокнига Links in Rebecca's Life

Pansy - Links in Rebecca's Life

Rebecca Harlowe is a young woman who strives to apply Christ's instructions in the Bible to her daily life and relationships. In this book we witness some of her successes and failures and the effect of her example on those around her. (Summary by BookAngel7)...
Аудіокнига Fireside Christmas Short Stories

Various - Fireside Christmas Short Stories

A collection of Christmas-themed short stories, intended to warm the heart and share with the family. Each story or poem in this collection is unique: some make us pause to consider the meaning of Christmas, others entertain and make us smile. So curl up in front of a blazi...
Аудіокнига Tante

Anne Douglas SEDGWICK - Tante

It is a common trend, up until this very day, to reveal the difficult side of being a great artist. Madame Okraska is no different. Great artists are, sometimes, very complicated. Sometimes the price of success is too high, for them and for those around them. Would Madame Okraska...