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Аудіокнига New Grub Street

George Gissing - New Grub Street

"The story deals with the literary world that Gissing himself had experienced. Its title refers to the London street, Grub Street, which in the 18th century became synomynous with hack literature; as an institution, Grub Street itself no longer existed in Gissing's time. Its two ...
Аудіокнига The Emancipated

George Gissing - The Emancipated

In Italy, everything is possible. Or, at least, much more than in the oppressive social order of the Victorian era. A group of British expatriats go to tour the country and do things they might live to either bless or regret. This book details their adventures and search of ident...
Аудіокнига The Paying Guest

George Gissing - The Paying Guest

George Gissing was one of the most accomplished writers of realism in the Victorian Era. Also The Paying Guest is a great example of realism, which closely pictures the class struggles of the time. The Novel opens at the breakfast table of the Mumfords, when Mr. Mumford dr...
Аудіокнига The Odd Women

George Gissing - The Odd Women

George Gissing's 1893 novel takes on the 19th century "Woman Question" by looking at themes of feminism, marriage, and love. The novel raises these issues through the lives of several contrasting women: Mary Barfoot, a feminist philanthropist who helps train women for careers; h...
Аудіокнига The Nether World

George Gissing - The Nether World

This sad social novel revolves around the problematic issue of money. Michael returns from Australia to London a rich man. However, he hides this fact from everybody and spends money only on the things he really needs. He contemplates leaving his money to his granddaughter ...
Аудіокнига A Life's Morning

George Gissing - A Life's Morning

This is the story of a poor young lady Emily Hood who while working as a governess falls in love with Wilfrid Athel the son of her employer. They become engaged, however things do not run smoothly after a visit home to her parents and Emily has to make a heartbreaking choice. (Su...
Аудіокнига Our Friend The Charlatan

George Gissing - Our Friend The Charlatan

Dice Lashmore will do everything he can in in his quest to become rich. The key is, of course, finding a rich wife. This book describes his numerous courtships of women. It also describes the moral decline of a man who has only one goal, and how other people react to it. This boo...
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