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Аудіокнига Pipefuls

Christopher Morley - Pipefuls

A delightful collection of 48 essays on various topics of the human condition that caught his fancy. Witty, insightful and funny of course and on occasion thought provoking and even disturbing. From the preface "These sketches gave me pain to write; they will give the judicious p...
Аудіокнига The Night-Born

Jack London - The Night-Born

Ten short stories on various themes and subjects, all more or less bizarre. The Night-Born is about a woman who draws inspiration to change her life from an article she chanced to read. In The Benefit of the Doubt, a crooked judge gets a lesson in ...
Аудіокнига Tales of Unrest

Joseph Conrad - Tales of Unrest

Tales of Unrest (1898) is the first collection of short stories by Joseph Conrad published in his lifetime.Joseph Conrad (1857–1924), a Polish-born English novelist, was a master in the formats of long short story and novella, a form of story longer than conventional s...