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Аудіокнига The Lake Mystery

Marvin Dana - The Lake Mystery

When an old miser dies, he leaves behind valuable gold. Naturally, many people want it. But the miser has not made it easy, hiding the gold with cryptic clues. Saxe, the son of a former music student of the miser, leads the charge to find it along with some old friends before tim...
Аудіокнига Mad Barbara

Warwick Deeping - Mad Barbara

It is the last quarter of the eighteenth century and a young woman discovers the body of her murdered father. In her grief, she tries to make sense of why this sweet man, beloved by all, was struck down and, unlike her mother, is unable to put the incident behind her and return t...
Аудіокнига Lady Jim of Curzon Street

Fergus Hume - Lady Jim of Curzon Street

Faced with bankruptcy and trapped in an unhappy marriage, Lady Jim Kaims has to solve her problems alone. After every decent way fails her, and with no friend to assist, she resorts to committing crimes. Fergus Hume delves into the mind of an extremely clever criminal with humor,...