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Аудіокнига Deep Lake Mystery

Carolyn Wells - Deep Lake Mystery

Imagine, if you will, a murder committed in a sealed room. A room which has been sealed from the inside, that is, with no possible means of exit, excepting a dangerous plunge through a window into a deep, foreboding lake with swirling eddies and rocks abound. Add to that image a ...
Аудіокнига The Shadow of a Man

E. W. Hornung - The Shadow of a Man

Set in rural Australia, this mystery novel follows a pair of newlyweds who are determined to make their improbable marriage work, no matter the odds. But little do they know exactly how high the odds are stacked against them -- and the lengths that some will go to sabotage their ...
Аудіокнига The Secret Mark

Roy J. Snell - The Secret Mark

Student Lucile Tucker works part-time at the library of the large university she attends in Chicago to help pay her tuition. One night, while closing the library for the evening, she glimpses a small child – a girl – in the stacks. Carefully following her, Lucile can’t believe he...