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Аудіокнига Favorite Hymns 01

Various - Favorite Hymns 01

From the earliest period of history, God's people have found joy in expressing their praise to Him in song. This is a collection of 30 favorite public domain hymns of the Christian church. Summary by bookAngel7...
Аудіокнига The Symphony Since Beethoven

Felix Weingartner - The Symphony Since Beethoven

This 1904 book by composer, conductor and pianist Felix Weingartner examines the development of the symphony as a musical form since one of its greatest practitioners, Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven's symphonic works gave the symphony an unprecedented importance as an art form a...
Аудіокнига Stories of Symphonic Music

Lawrence GILMAN - Stories of Symphonic Music

'A guide to the meaning of important symphonies, overtures and tone-poems from Beethoven to the present day'. Gilman became notorious for scathing reviews of compositions later to become classics. Here he analyzes the stories behind some famous and not so famous works. - Summary ...
Аудіокнига The First Violin

Jessie Fothergill - The First Violin

May Wedderburn is a quiet provincial girl, living in small and seemingly boring Skernford. Underneath the dull exterior, there is mystery, suspicion and fear in this little town, surrounding the austere local wealthy landowner who is very interested in marrying poor May. It...
Аудіокнига Benjamin Britten: Source Stories of Twelve Operas

Various - Benjamin Britten: Source Stories of Twelve Operas

Britten's operas are firmly established in the international repertoire: according to Operabase, they are performed worldwide more than those of any other composer born in the 20th century, and only Puccini and Richard Strauss come ahead of him if the list is extended to all oper...
Аудіокнига The Best Church Hymns

Louis Fitzgerald BENSON - The Best Church Hymns

This 1898 book is the result of a survey of 107 hymn-books. The thirty-two hymns are ranked in order of popularity. The texts in this recording are said only, not sung, along with a few explanatory notes for each hymn (some footnotes, not all, here recorded). The texts are pre...