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Аудіокнига Fantasy, Faeries and Ghosts

Various - Fantasy, Faeries and Ghosts

In this collection three of the original titans in the field of fantasy literature (Edgar Allan Poe, George MacDonald, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu) take you on a magical guided tour of fairyland and adjoining countries and introduce you to whimsical, strange and even scary encounters...
Аудіокнига Fantasy, Faeries and Ghosts, Volume 2

Various - Fantasy, Faeries and Ghosts, Volume 2

Join the original masters of fantasy E.T.A Hoffmann, George MacDonald, Violet Hunt, J. Sheridan Le Fanu and Bram Stoker as they whisk you into the world of faeries and it’s mystical regions far beyond imagination. In this amazing collection you will find gnomes, fairies, changeli...
Аудіокнига Aladore

Sir Henry NEWBOLT - Aladore

Ywain, a knight bored with his administrative duties, abandons his estate to his younger brother and goes on a pilgrimage to seek his heart's desire. Following a will-o'-the-wisp resembling a child, his quest takes him to the city of Paladore, where he meets the lady Aithne, half...
Аудіокнига Lord Tedric

E. E. Smith - Lord Tedric

Time is the strangest of all mysteries. Relatively unimportant events, almost unnoticed as they occur, may, in hundreds of years, result in Ultimate Catastrophe. On Time Track Number One, that was the immutable result. But on Time Track Number Two there was one little event that ...