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Аудіокнига My School Days

E. Nesbit - My School Days

A short memoir about the author's school days, serialised in The Girl's Own Paper from October 1896 to September 1897. It includes stories about teachers, fellow pupils, the things that scared her most as a child (and even as an adult) and a vivid account of the best su...
Аудіокнига Jean Craig In New York

Kay Lyttleton - Jean Craig In New York

Jean is a talented teenage girl devoted to her family. Living with her parents and sisters in the countryside, she is given the opportunity to go back to New York and continue her art studies. The joy for her new life in New York will get to conflicting feelings, because she also...
Аудіокнига The Luckiest Girl in the School

Angela BRAZIL - The Luckiest Girl in the School

Winona Woodward faces a sudden reversal in family fortunes when she wins a scholarship to Seaton High School. This book by Angela Brazil helped to establish the girls' school story genre, and is therefore full of young, active, independent girls and all the emotions and relations...
Аудіокнига My Very First Little German Book

Anonymous - My Very First Little German Book

An adorable picture book with 29 little lessons in German. Learn many simple phrases, such as "How big the sea is!" and "Have you ever been to the farm?" The English parts of the book are read by Kara, and the German parts by Elli. You can read long and look at the pictures a...