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Аудіокнига Jean Craig, Graduate Nurse

Kay Lyttleton - Jean Craig, Graduate Nurse

As Jean Craig finished her training and prepared for graduation, illness struck—first in her own family, and later in epidemics that swept the village of Elmhurst. It was with a deep feeling of satisfaction that Jean was able to give trained and efficient aid at the hospital. It ...
Аудіокнига Sky Island (version 2)

L. Frank Baum - Sky Island (version 2)

A little girl (Trot) and her friend (Cap'n Bill) team up with a young boy named Button-Bright. Button-Bright had found a magical umbrella in his attic. He meets the kind girl and sailor and they are transported to a different world in the sky where he and his friends face many d...
Аудіокнига Our Little Austrian Cousin

Florence E. MENDEL - Our Little Austrian Cousin

In this volume I have endeavored to give my young readers a clearer and a more intimate knowledge than is usually possessed of the vast territory known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is a collection of provinces united under one ruler, and which is, strange to say, the onl...