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Аудіокнига Two Pastorals: an Heroic and a Comic

Molière - Two Pastorals: an Heroic and a Comic

Moliere, on the way to the Ballet of the Muses, a court festival, started to write a new Heroic Pastoral. "He chose for his subject a similar one to the history of Florizel and Perdita in Shakespeare's Winter's Tale…. The charm of his writing, the exquisite delicacy of the sentim...
Аудіокнига The Learned Women

Molière - The Learned Women

Two young people, Henriette and Clitandre, are in love, but in order to marry, they must overcome an obstacle: the attitude of Henriette's family. Her sensible father and uncle are in favour of the marriage; but unfortunately her father is under the thumb of his wife, Philaminte,...
Аудіокнига Love is the Best Doctor

Molière - Love is the Best Doctor

Four most fashionable doctors are called in by Sganarelle to cure his daughter, but instead they argue about everything and Sganarelle is driven to the streets where he finds a quack and his daughter's disguised lover. Moliere: "This is only a slight impromptu, a simple pencil s...
Аудіокнига Don Garcia of Navarre, or the Jealous Prince

Molière - Don Garcia of Navarre, or the Jealous Prince

Nothing can be more unlike The Pretentious Young Ladies or Sganarelle than Molière's Don Garcia of Navarre. The Théâtre du Palais-Royal had opened on the 20th January, 1661, with The Love-Tiff and Sganarelle, but as the young wife of Louis XIV., Maria Theresa, daughter of Philip ...
Аудіокнига The Misanthrope

Molière - The Misanthrope

Alceste, the misanthrope, hates everyone including himself. But unlike in many pure farces with their cliche stock characters, the characters here are much more well rounded, and who knows - Alceste might actually grow and change throughout the play. "Those who admired noble tho...
Аудіокнига The School for Husbands

Molière - The School for Husbands

In 1661 and 1662 Moliere presented the plays The School for Husbands (this one) and then The School for Wives. "The central situations of the two have much in common: the arbitrary and jealous lover to whom circumstances have given almost the authority of a husband: the simple wa...
Аудіокнига The Magnificent Lovers

Molière - The Magnificent Lovers

"The King [Louis XIV], who will have nothing but what is magnificent in all he undertakes, wished to give his court an entertainment which should comprise all that the stage can furnish. To facilitate the execution of so vast an idea, and to link together so many different things...
Аудіокнига The Impostures of Scapin

Molière - The Impostures of Scapin

Scapin is a liar, a schemer, an arrogant meddler who thinks he can make people do anything. And yet sometimes he acts in the cause of good. Here he attempts to help out some secret lovers whose parents would prefer they don't marry. - Summary by ToddHWCast list:ARGANT...
Аудіокнига Don Juan, or The Feast with the Statue

Molière - Don Juan, or The Feast with the Statue

Don Juan "contains, perhaps, more severe attacks upon hypocrisy than does even Tartuffe. It depicts the hero as a man who, rich, noble, powerful, and bold, respects neither heaven nor earth, and knows no bounds to the gratification of his desires or his passions. He has excellent...
Аудіокнига Amphitryon

Molière - Amphitryon

"The history of Amphitryon and Alcmene, or rather the myth of the birth of Hercules, is certainly very old, and is to be found in the literature of different nations." Under Moliere's touch, it becomes "One of the most charming and natural comedies composed in French verse.... Sp...
Аудіокнига Monsieur De Pourceaugnac

Molière - Monsieur De Pourceaugnac

'Monsieur de Pourceaugnac', acted on October 6, 1669, is nothing but a farce. But Molière excels in farce as well as in higher comedy, and 'Monsieur de Pourceaugnac' is one of the best of its kind. The attacks upon the doctors of the time are not exaggerated. Molière acted the pa...
Аудіокнига The Bores

Molière - The Bores

Moliere: "Never was any Dramatic performance so hurried as this; and it is a thing, I believe, quite new, to have a comedy planned, finished, got up, and played in a fortnight. I do not say this to boast of an impromptu, or to pretend to any reputation on that account: but only t...
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