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Аудіокнига The Vampire; or, The Bride of the Isles

James PLANCHÉ - The Vampire; or, The Bride of the Isles

Freely adapted from Lord Byron’s Fragment of a Novel, J.R. Planché’s The Vampire; or, the Bride of the Isles predates Dracula in its depiction of the vampire as a seductive, sophisticated, and noble figure. It also helped popularize the character of Lord Ruthven, a nefarious “cre...
Аудіокнига Alexander the Great

Jean Racine - Alexander the Great

Racine caused furour in the French theater community with his second play, Alexander the Great, when "The sensitive poet seems to have been disgusted by the manner in which it was being acted; for, a fortnight after it had been put on the boards at the Palais Royal [by Moliere], ...
Аудіокнига Mary Stuart

Friedrich Schiller - Mary Stuart

Schiller's tragedy depicts the final days of Mary, Queen of Scots, who has been imprisoned by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, because of her potential claim on the English throne. The action of the play revolves around an attempt to rescue Mary from prison and Elizabeth's indec...
Аудіокнига Love and Intrigue

Friedrich Schiller - Love and Intrigue

Ferdinand is an army major and son of President von Walter, a high-ranking noble in a German duke's court, while Luise Miller is the daughter of a middle-class musician. The couple fall in love with each other, but both their fathers tell them to end their affair. The President i...
Аудіокнига Pillars of Society

Henrik Ibsen - Pillars of Society

Pillars of Society was Ibsen's first successful realist drama, first performed in 1877. Karsten Bernick is the dominant businessman in a small coastal town in Norway, with interests in shipping and shipbuilding in a long-established family firm. Now he is planning his most ambiti...
Аудіокнига Troilus and Cressida

William Shakespeare - Troilus and Cressida

Troilus and Cressida is Shakespeare's "problem" play about the Trojan War. As the opening Chorus tells us, the play "begins in the middle" of the epic conflict, and counterpoints the drama of battle with the romance of the title characters. Just as Agamemnon and his Greek force...
Аудіокнига Oedipus at Colonus (Storr Translation)

Sophocles - Oedipus at Colonus (Storr Translation)

This is the second installment in Sophocles's Theban Plays that chronicles the tragic fates of Oedipus and his family. After fulfilling the prophecy that predicted he would kill his father and marry his mother, Oedipus blinds himself and leaves Thebes, to wander in the wildernes...
Аудіокнига Touch and Go

D. H. Lawrence - Touch and Go

A man is speaking to a group of colliers in a small mining village. They have decided that they have had enough of the way they are treated and decide to go on strike. A battle of wills ensues. Summary by Michele Eaton Cast List Narrator:
Аудіокнига Broken Hearts

W. S. Gilbert - Broken Hearts

Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan fame also wrote non-musical plays without Sullivan as a partner. Here is a dramatic play far afield from the comedy musicals we often think of when we hear Gilbert's name: Prince Florian of Spain arrives on The Island of Broken Hearts, peopled by "...