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Аудіокнига Poems

Elinor Jenkins - Poems

Elinor Jenkins was a British poet whose published work focuses largely on the First World War. This volume, based on her collection published in 1915, incorporates 16 later poems and was published posthumously in 1921. (Summary by Newgatenovelist)...
Аудіокнига The Lilt of Life

Zora Cross - The Lilt of Life

Published in 1918, Zora Cross’s book of poems, The Lilt of Life, was her third book of verse, and, like her earlier works, largely focused on her experiences of love, erotic entanglements (notably from a woman’s point of view), and motherhood. Many of the poems are written as an ...
Аудіокнига English Stornelli

Augusta WEBSTER - English Stornelli

In this sequence Augusta Webster experimented with eight-line verses grouped thematically by the seasons of the year. These poems also explore the cyclical stages of life from youth, courtship and parenthood through age and loss. Summary by Newgatenovelist....
Аудіокнига Love Songs (Version 2)

Sara Teasdale - Love Songs (Version 2)

With classical, lyrical tones, and frequently feminist-influenced themes, Sara Teasdale’s Love Songs established her as one of the leading writers in the new Romanticism movement. The book of poems, originally published in 1917, saw five additional printings before its 1918 editi...