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Аудіокнига A Sheaf of Roses

Elizabeth Gordon - A Sheaf of Roses

The rose, the flower of love, the flower of life, the floral symbol of all life's occasions whose presence both motivates and adorns indelible life memories is the subject of these wonderful poems. From the pen of poet Elizabeth Gordon the rose becomes an integral component of li...
Аудіокнига Poems

Duncan M. Matheson - Poems

Poet Duncan M. Matheson lived in troubled times. These were times of World War I and its accompanying carnage, privation and pervasive adversity. Then to add to this there was the explosion - the December 1917 Halifax explosion - the Canadian maritime disaster that would leave in...
Аудіокнига The Inn of Dreams

Olive Custance - The Inn of Dreams

At age 16, London blueblood Olive Custance already figured in literary circles shared by Oscar Wilde and John Gray. She later wrote for the "Yellow Book", a notorious British quarterly of the late 1890's, featuring poems, essays, short stories and artwork by many well-known write...
Аудіокнига Challenge

Louis UNTERMEYER - Challenge

Louis Untermeyer introduced may students to poetry through his many collections that he edited. His own poetry ranges from inspirational to cynical. Challenge is his first collection of poems, mature, but reflecting many of his early struggles. The range from the deeply spirit...