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Аудіокнига British Sea Birds

Charles DIXON - British Sea Birds

Charles Dixon describes briefly each of the British sea-going birds, their appearance, habits and distribution, in an easy to understand manner, generally separated into their family groups. - Summary by clarinetcarrot...
Аудіокнига The Girl from Farris's

Edgar Rice Burroughs - The Girl from Farris's

Ever want to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, only to have the whole world fight to keep you down? Ever been upstanding and righteous, only to have those around you take advantage of you? In the most unique of circumstances, watch a woman flee from a lavish world of slavery i...
Аудіокнига Nature And Art

Elizabeth INCHBALD - Nature And Art

This is a novel by the author of the play Lover's Vows which was mentioned in Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. William and Henry come to London after the death of their father. They were educated in starkly different ways, one represented by nature and another by art. This novel fo...
Аудіокнига Three Dialogues

Barry Pain - Three Dialogues

Barry Pain is today best known for his ghost and horror stories, but he could also write some excellent social satire. This series of three dialogues follows a life cycle: the subject of the first little play is the birth of a girl, in the second dialogue, two people discuss the ...
Аудіокнига The Story of a New Zealand River

Jane Mander - The Story of a New Zealand River

"This is the land of the lost, one of those happy spots where no questions are asked. Of course, the fact of a person's being here is usually all the explanation necessary."The Story of a New Zealand River is a romance set in the Northland region of New Zealand, in the time when ...