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Аудіокнига Jack and the Jack-o-Lantern

One-Offs - Jack and the Jack-o-Lantern

The thrill and excitement of Halloween run through this story of a boy whose mother takes him to a magical pumpkin patch. When Jack starts to cut eyes and a mouth into his pumpkin, he is in for a big surprise. Written for Storynory by Marlon Heimerl of halloweencostumes...
Аудіокнига Astropup and the Bird Fight

Astropup - Astropup and the Bird Fight

At last it’s here! Thanks for waiting. Here is the final part of our series about the two Parrots. There’s loads of action, lasers and flying feathers, as well as intellectual combat.Story by Bertie.Read by Richard.Proofread by Jana Elizabeth.Hello,...
Аудіокнига The Parrot for President

Astropup - The Parrot for President

Not only can the Parrot speak, but he is a great orator too. His political career has lift-off! He is standing in the first ever election for World President, and is in second place in the opinion polls. The front-runner is a mysterious pop singer known as Diva. She favours ap...