TERENCE - Phormio; or, The Scheming Parasite

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Audiobook Phormio; or, The Scheming Parasite
Genres: Comedy,
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TERENCE - Phormio; or, The Scheming Parasite book summary

Phormio; or, The Scheming Parasite - description and summary of the book. , listen for free online at the digital library site Audiobook-mp3.com
"Chremes and Demipho are two aged Athenians, brothers. Nausistrata, the wife of Chremes, is a wealthy woman, possessed of large estates in the island of Lemnos. Chremes, who goes thither yearly to receive the rents, meets with a poor woman there, whom he secretly marries, and has by her a daughter called Phanium: while engaged in this intrigue, Chremes passes at Lemnos by the name of Stilpho. By his wife, Nausistrata, at Athens, Chremes has a son, named Phædria, and his brother has a son, named Antipho." Got all that? And so now, "Phanium having now arrived at her fifteenth year, the two brothers privately agree that she shall be brought to Athens and married to Antipho." - Summary by Translator and ToddHW

Cast list:
Demipho, Aged Athenian, brother: Algy Pug
Chremes, Aged Athenian, brother: Alan Mapstone
Antipho, son of Demipho: VocalPenguin
Phædria, son of Chremes: Adrian Stephens
Phormio, a Parasite: ToddHW
Geta, servant of Demipho: Sonia
Davus, a servant: Matthew Reece
Hegio, Advocate: Son of the Exiles
Cratinus, Advocate: Dave Lantz
Crito, Advocate: David Purdy
Dorio, a Procurer: Nemo
Nausistrata, the wife of Chremes: Eva Davis
Sophrona, the nurse of Phanium: Availle
Stage Directions: ambsweet13
Editing: ToddHW

Phormio; or, The Scheming Parasite listen online for free

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