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Supporters of political democracy, human rights, and social justice have good reasons to be alarmed about coups d'état. These abrupt seizures of the state apparatus have occurred with great frequency in recent decades. Coups have overthrown established constitutional democratic systems of government, halted movements toward greater democracy, and have imposed brutal and oppressive regimes. Coups d'état are one of the main ways in which new dictatorships are established. Coups may also precipitate civil wars and international crises. Coups remain a major unsolved defense problem. This book describes an anti-coup policy focused on defense of the society by the society itself, using non-violent methods. The two basic principles of anti-coup defense promoted in this book are to: 1) deny legitimacy to the putschists, and 2) to resist the putschists with noncooperation and defiance. (Summary by Benjamin Gittins)

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